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The Ruthless Billionaire Boss: Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance (Secrets Series, eBook, Book 4)

The Ruthless Billionaire Boss: Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance (Secrets Series, eBook, Book 4)

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A one-night stand, a ruthless arms dealer, and a surprise pregnancy. Some job interview this turned out to be...

Being a big city girl has always been my thing, so this job opportunity as a marketing specialist in Mobile, Alabama, is exactly what I need for a new start in life.

On my first day in town, I crash into Daniel Carter, and my coffee goes flying everywhere. But somehow, I’m in his room... wearing nothing but his shirt.

He is tall and well-built, with a chiseled jawline and piercing blue eyes. His impeccably expensive suits convey a confidence and powerful demeanor I carved. Of course, the plan was to never see him again, so no harm, no foul.

Until it turns out that my one-night stand is my new boss. Awkward with a capital A. Also, he’s an illegal arms dealer...and I have 
no idea what to do with that information. Instead, I’m tangled up in this mess against my will — and I need to get out before one of us ends up dead.

But I’m not a free woman anymore. I’m pregnant by the boss.

Book 4 in the Secrets Series.
Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance

Opposites attract in this fast-paced romance thriller filled with suspense and high steam. No cliffhanger, no cheating. Guaranteed HEA!

Triggers: Violence and steamy scenes.

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Books in the Series:

  • Book 1 The Tyrant's Secret Safe House
  • Book 2 The Tyrant's Secret Cabin
  • Book 3 The Tyrant's Island Compound
  • Book 4 The Ruthless Billionaire Boss
  • Book 5 Adrian
  • Book 6 Secret Dark Desires

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Format: eBook, Kindle, ePub

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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "Fantastic and captivating writing and exciting drama and hot sizzling characters that make you want to keep reading till the end." ~ SI, Booksprout Reader.

★★★★★  "This book has it all.. Heat, lust, action, danger, and all the feels you need. Definitely recommend!" ~ A Peer

★★★★★ "Omg. So good. Read cover to cover. Intense. Detailed. Addictive story that blew me away. Read this now!!!" ~ Lisa

★★★★★ "An awesome addition to an amazing series. Enjoyable read. Definitely worth recommending it. I look forward to reading more from the author." ~ K. Almanza

★★★★★ "This was just like the other parts of the series. The story of Daniel and Keri will keep you glued to your pages from start to finish. It's well worth it and you won't be disappointed." ~ Danee

★★★★★  "A wonderful fast paced, action packed romance with plenty of plot twists and steam. Thoroughly enjoyed the repartee between the two main characters." ~ Manda B


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Enjoy a Sample from "The Ruthless Billionaire Boss."

I never saw it coming.

How many times had I heard that phrase in my lifetime? It was true. One moment you had everything in hand, looking forward to your life ahead, and then you stepped around a corner and got hit by a truck. In my case, it was more like a bus.


I was lost in a new city. It was laughable, really. I’d come here as a saucy New Yorker who knew every nook and cranny of the Big Apple. Yet here I was, lost on the infinitely smaller streets of Mobile, Alabama. I’d deliberately chosen a hotel near where I’d be interviewing tomorrow. I’d stepped out to find the location so I wasn’t late in the morning and somehow gotten turned around.

It was getting to be late in the afternoon, and I tried to retrace my steps to get back before I ended up walking around a strange city in the dark. I rounded what looked like a familiar corner. The next thing I knew, I flew backward, leaving my shoes on the sidewalk. Oh yeah, that happens too. People can actually get hit so hard that they leave their shoes behind. I was living proof.

Yes, I’m still alive.

It turns out that the bus that hit me was actually a large man in a business suit. He’d been moving so fast that he’d hit me with enough force to send me careening to the sidewalk. His coffee spilled all down the front of my clothes, and the contents of my bag scattered across the sidewalk around us. My momentary relief that I’d not been run down by public transport was replaced with anger at his carelessness, especially when he barked at me even while helping me to my feet.

“What the hell? Watch where you’re going!” he snapped.

I bristled at his tone. “Excuse me? You walked right into me! Or should I say plowed right over me,” I barked back, dusting myself off and stepping back into my loafers.

“Look, I don’t have time for this. I’m late for a meeting,” the man scowled as I gathered my things from the pavement.

“No, really, I’m fine. Thank you so much for your concern,” I replied, every word dripping with sarcasm and disdain. I honestly was fine, just a bit winded, with maybe a few bruises on my backside.

He sighed and bent down to help me pick up my belongings. As we both raced for a stray compact, our fingers accidentally brushed against each other, sending an unexpected jolt of electricity through me. I looked up, only now taking full note of him. He was dressed in an expensive Italian suit and impeccably polished shoes. I found myself mesmerized by his sharp features and piercing blue eyes. He was handsome, in a rugged sort of way.

He cleared his throat, then said, “I’m sorry for being so short with you. I just have a meeting to get to that I can’t miss.”

I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of annoyance at his apology. “Well, I’m sorry too, but it wasn’t entirely my fault.”

I heard his phone buzz. He pulled it from his pocket and groaned before he answered, speaking in fluent Spanish. I knew just enough of the language to know he was apologizing to someone and trying to talk them into waiting. After a few moments, he hung up with a sigh, turning back to me.

“Well, looks like my meeting’s been called off,” he said, sounding frustrated.

“That’s too bad,” I told him, not meaning a word of it. Only then did I notice just how much coffee had been spilled on both of us. At least it wasn’t too hot. If anything, it was worse. It had been tepid and sweetened, leaving a sticky residue all over me. I needed to get this blouse in water to soak, or it was ruined. “I’ll have to return to my hotel to get out of these clothes. Would you like to come?”

I was instantly horrified by how that sounded, especially when I noted the smirk on his face as he looked me over again, his eyes momentarily landing on my cleavage and then back up to my face.

“Are you inviting me to watch you change?” he asked.

I let out a sigh, an old habit of mine when I felt awkward. “Certainly not. I just need to get into some clean things and let these soak. If you’d like to walk with me, I’ll get you another coffee in the hotel lobby while I go up to change.”

“Are you going to have coffee with me or leave me to drink alone?” he asked, a smile now firmly on his face.

“I haven’t decided,” I said stubbornly, then realizing that I had no idea which way to go, my shoulders shrugged in defeat. “I, uh, kinda need someone to help me find it.”

“What?” he asked, seeming confused.

“My hotel. I got turned around, and I’m not sure which direction to go to get back,” I admitted, my cheeks flushing as I spoke.

“What hotel are you at?” he asked.

“The Quality Inn,” I said, certain someone dressed like him never stayed at a cheap hotel.

“You don’t have maps on your phone?” he asked.

“It’s dead. My battery ran out earlier while I was taking photos.”

He laughed. Much to my surprise, so did I. He turned in the opposite direction from where I’d been going and motioned for me to come along.

“It’s a good thing you ran into me. You were going in the wrong direction. You’d have ended up in the Gulf of Mexico,” he said as we walked.

“You ran into me,” I corrected.

“I’m Danny, by the way,” he said with a low chuckle.

“Keri,” I replied.

“Let’s get you sorted out then, Keri,” he replied.

“Thank you.”

“How long are you in town for?” he asked.

“Undetermined,” I admitted. “I’m here for a job interview, so it depends on how that goes.”

I didn’t want to admit that I had moved here without a job or a permanent place to stay. Right now, I was living on the good graces of my meager savings. I’d given myself a month in the hotel to find a job that suited my degree, and then I’d be looking for whatever I could find. No need to tell this stranger any of that, especially since I was oddly attracted to him, despite our earlier spat.

“Well, good luck with that,” he replied, stopping in front of my hotel. “This is you.”

I looked toward it and back in the direction we had come from. I had only been a few blocks away, albeit headed the wrong way. I groaned and shrugged my shoulders.

“Thanks. Let’s get you that coffee, and I’ll get changed,” I told him.

He looked at the hotel dubiously. No doubt he was used to getting his coffee in much better places. For a moment, I thought he might decline and just say a polite goodbye, but then he smiled and waved me toward the entrance.

“After you,” he replied. I headed toward the small bar and grill inside the hotel, but he stopped me. “How about I order us some coffee, and you go ahead and get out of those clothes.”

I hesitated for a moment, a jolt of electricity still sizzling through my veins. Had he intended for that to sound as suggestive as it did, or had it just been too long since I’d felt this much sexual chemistry with someone?

“I’m supposed to be buying you a coffee,” I told him.

“I think we were both at fault. We’ll call it a draw. No apology coffee needed.”

“Well, thanks for that. I’ll hurry so you don’t have to drink it alone.”

“Take your time. I have a few calls to make, so I’ll be okay.”

“Okay. See you soon,” I said before heading to the elevator. There was a sign on it that said it was broken. I groaned and headed for the stairs to make the three-story climb to my room, hoping I wouldn’t find him gone when I returned, and then I wondered why I cared. He was just a stranger I’d collided with on the sidewalk.

I was breathless as I finally got inside my room and leaned against the cool inside of my door. Great. Not only did I reek of the coffee spilled all over me, but now I was a sweaty mess. I took a moment to catch my breath and then bolted for the shower to rinse off before changing and freshening up my hair and makeup.

Fifteen minutes later, I headed back downstairs, much more slowly this time. My heart thudded in my chest as I waited to see if the handsome stranger was still waiting for me or if it had all been for nothing.


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