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Seal: The Path Less Traveled (Steamy Night's Series, eBook, Book 3)

Seal: The Path Less Traveled (Steamy Night's Series, eBook, Book 3)

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Time heals all wounds … Or does it?

I find myself drifting through life, moving from one girlfriend to another, seeking solace between the thighs of different women. It’s a temporary escape, a way to forget about Selena and the haunting memories that cling to me. In a quaint German seaside town, I plant new roots and purchase a home, hoping to find some semblance of peace.

Yet, no matter how many years pass and how many women enter my life, none compares to Selena. She set the bar high, satisfying me in every way. Still, I search for a replacement, hoping to fill the void left by her absence.

By a twist of fate, Selena and I cross paths at Germany's largest world airshow. But timing is fickle, and Selena is now in a relationship. Her boyfriend's presence serves as a stark reminder that some things are better left in the past. Perhaps it’s time to forget about any future with Selena by my side.

But a Seal never says NEVER. A Seal takes action and goes after what he wants no matter the danger!

“Seal: The Path Less Followed” is the third and final installment in the Steamy Nights Series.

This spicy romance novel will make you yearn for the best while preparing for the worst. Love may be powerful, but is it enough to erase the past? Brace yourself for a steamy, wet, page-turner with no cheating, no cliffhanger. This book is the HEA you have been waiting for…


Books in the Steamy Nights Romance Series

  • Book 1 Unbroken Seal
  • Book 2 A Seal’s Journey
  • Book 3 Seal - The Path Less Traveled

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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "Worthy of more than 5⭐️!!!!!!!!! WoW!!!!!!!!!! I have been anxiously waiting for the third book in the series. I was forever checking my email for the conclusion to their love story! The minute the third book came out, I had to drop everything to see how things ended for Michael and Selena! This was such a great conclusion to this series!" ~ Barbara Weintz

★★★★★  "Great Romance 🥰 You’re going to Love this book that welcomes you into the world of Michael and Selena’s romance. This book is top notch and has passion, intriguing scenes, and a heartfelt journey that takes you on a wonderful adventure. Rachel has another great book waiting for you to read it." ~ S. Osborne

★★★★★ "This is book three of Steamy Nights and it's a must to read the other two. Rachel did not disappoint in how she ended this love story. The end of the book should have a tissue warning, so here is your warning, grab some tissues before you get to the end..." ~ ReggRady

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