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Forbidden Love: A Billionaire Age Gap Contemporary Romance (Forbidden Temptations Series, eBook, Book 1)

Forbidden Love: A Billionaire Age Gap Contemporary Romance (Forbidden Temptations Series, eBook, Book 1)

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A next-door neighbor.
A summer fling.
A bed that has me moaning with pleasure… and fighting for my life...

Being a college girl is fun, but I’m ready for spring break and getting back home, sunbathing in my parent’s backyard pool, and checking out the hot older neighbor next door whom I had a crush on since I was a teenager.

My next-door neighbor Dylan is newly divorced and oozes that hot, older man vibe. He is muscular and between his legs is a large package that I so want to unwrap. I became instantly wet when I caught him watching me sunbathe from his upstairs window.

Maybe I took this older man attraction thing too far. I am in a basement and being held against my will. My time is running out and once he gets bored of me, I am terrified to find out what will happen next.

Book 1 in the Forbidden Temptations Series

Age gap steamy romance thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Forbidden Love contains no cheating, no cliffhanger, and guaranteed HEA.


Mild Violence, Age-Gap, Voyeurism.

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Books in the Series

  • Book1 Forbidden Love
  • Book 2 It Was Never Meant to Be

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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ What a fantastic book forbidden love is. The twist in the book with abductions was wow. I’m looking forward to the second book in the series ~ Maria L, Booksprout Reader.

★★★★★ Forbidden Love was a great read. I loved the age gap . The story was great and felt real. Great steamy read ~ LestWITCH, Booksprout Reader.

★★★★★ This was definitely a page turner and definitely got me all hot and bothered. I loved how she acted all innocent in her backyard but than a she devil in his backyard ~ Jinx, Booksprout Reader.

★★★★★ The next door neighbor is twice her age and stalks her while she sunbathes in her back yard. This is Misti and Dylan’s story and continues at breakneck speed after a summer of love and sex. They shouldn’t be together but turn out to be just what each needs to survive and flourish in their lives. I can’t wait for the next adventure and romantic novel from Rachel Stone ~ D. Pike

★★★★★ WOW this book will make your panties wet, and your heart pound while reading this totally AWESOME and HOT suspenseful romance book. I absolutely enjoyed every last word of this book about Misti and Dylan. I am not going to give anything away with this book except that Rachel really did a fantastic job writing this book. I am excited to see what her next masterpiece is going to be. :) ~ Barbara W, Booksprout Reader.

★★★★★★ The story of Dylan and Misti was so good and hot! The relationship that they shared was spicy and every girls dream. And the twists that this takes were so far out of what I thought possible! Definitely recommend! ~ Brier, Booksprout Reader.


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Enjoy a Sample from "Forbidden Love."

“What I need is to be properly fucked instead of being pawed at by overgrown boys,” I told Stephanie on the phone.

Stephanie was my college roommate at the University of Tennessee. We were both home for the summer and were moving into a new apartment together in the fall. I’d only been home a few days and was just as bored of the men here as I had been in Knoxville.

“You should just give them up. They’re easily replaced by a vibrator or a good dildo and a woman with some stamina,” she replied.

“Maybe for you, but I like dick. I like the way men smell, feel, and taste. I don’t want some chick with a lubed-up rubber cock plowing me. I want a real man that knows how to do more than grab my tits and use them for leverage during the two minutes he can keep it up.”

“Suit yourself, but I’m telling you that I’ll stick with a woman who knows her way around a vagina and equipment that never fails. Plus, my Veronica has a tongue like a lizard.”

“You’re a dirty slut. Both of you are. Am I going to have to listen to you two going at it again all fall?”

“I fucking hope so. Maybe you can find some dick worth having down there in Nashville. Skip the college boys over at Vandy and look for some thirty-something dad who can’t get his wife to do all those dirty things you’re willing to do. They won’t get clingy, and you can get your filthy little vag licked or stuffed or whatever.”

“Fuck that. Those bitches don’t have any money. I like nice things in between getting bent over the hood of a Bentley.”

“High maintenance. That’s what you are.”

“True, but I’m worth every penny,” I laughed as I finished getting my string bikini cinched up.

I stood looking in the mirror at myself. The bikini barely covered my nipples and snatch, but I was looking to get some sun in the backyard, so I didn’t want much of it there. If Mom and Dad weren’t home I’d sunbathe naked.

“Look, I gotta go. My Dad is waiting for me to come help him with his homework,” Stephanie told me.

“You’re going to graduate and finish a Ph.D. before that motherfucker finishes high school at the rate he’s going,” I laughed.

“Probably, but I love that he’s gone back to get his GED.”

“I do too. Tell him I love him.”

“I will. Bye.”

I did love Stephanie’s father. He had dropped out of school to marry her mother when she got pregnant and now doted on his only daughter. I would trade dads with her in a heartbeat. They weren’t wealthy but he owned his own garage and did well as a mechanic. Still, he made plenty of time to spend with his family. My father was married to his work. I could drop dead, and he’d probably only see it as a minor inconvenience that disrupted his morning meeting.

I sighed, tossing my long black hair into a messy bun on top of my head before grabbing my beach towel and making my way downstairs. My mother was in the kitchen baking something for one of her many potlucks with the other bored housewives who had too much money and not enough attention. She could afford a cook and a house staff but insisted on doing things herself, relying on only occasional help with deep cleaning or special events at the house. She scowled at me as I walked through to the patio doors.

“That bathing suit is indecent.”

“It certainly fucking is,” I said dismissively, continuing out the back door.

I looked at where our pool lay in a state of disrepair. It was waiting for renovations that had gotten stalled by some expensive tile work my mother had ordered from Greece. All fucking summer without a pool. What a bitch that was going to be. I turned one of the lounge chairs that sat beside it around toward the sun and laid my towel on it before stretching out on top of it.

I knew I was spoiled in a lot of ways. I’d never had to struggle for anything. My father started his company when I was a baby. He wanted me to take over one day, after college, and spend some time working with him, but I wasn’t interested. Why would I want to spend my life overseeing some computer hardware empire when I could do anything I wanted to do? If he had his way I’d be giving up my summers away from school to work with him every day. No way.

All my life, my father had been married to his work and had very little time for me and my mother. She was a bored housewife, spending her days cleaning, baking, shopping, and attending any one of a number of women’s groups or social causes with other bored housewives in the neighborhood. I never wanted to be like her or my father. I loved them both and they’d provided well for my life. Dad was even willing to pony up for me to go to an Ivy League school, but I’d wanted to go to the University of Tennessee with my friends.

Of course, that was another disappointment for them. They viewed me as lazy and unmotivated, but I wasn’t. I worked hard in school and was at the top of my class in every subject. It was only the fact that I intended to pursue a degree in mechanical design that gave my father hope I might one day change my mind about joining the company. He saw it as me possibly building frameworks for certain aspects of his business, but I didn’t want to build computer racks. I wanted to build buildings. I wanted to build bridges.

Reaching for the suntan oil, I began rubbing it on my skin, letting my grievances with my parents fall away as I tried to maximize my time in the sun. Mom had a tanning bed in the house that she used. I preferred to tan the old-fashioned way, especially if there was the possibility of being seen doing so. Of course, there was a dire shortage of eligible men in my neighborhood. The street was full of middle-aged millionaires and billionaires but hardly anyone my age.

Then again, perhaps I should consider some of them. I was only going to be here for another summer or two, at most. I’d be starting my senior year this fall and if all the classes I wanted were available, I would finish by next spring. If not, I might be stuck taking summer classes or waiting for any classes I needed the following fall. After that, I planned to pursue work and get my own place somewhere in the city instead of out here in richburbia.

So, why not just have a fling this summer? There was no shortage of divorcés around here. It was just a matter of finding one who hadn’t let himself go to shit while sitting behind a desk all day. Out of shape men could rarely fuck for shit. There were exceptions, no doubt. I’d fucked a waiter at my favorite Irish pub in Nashville one time that had me coming like a fountain. The next morning, he’d run me a bubble bath so that I could soak while he made me pancakes.

Of course, when he’d asked me out again, I’d made excuses not to see him again. Sure, he was great in bed, fucking adorable and a total sweetheart but he was also clingy as fuck. Who needs that shit? The last thing I wanted was a relationship. I wasn’t about to turn into my mother. In some ways, I was very much like my father, I feared. All work, no romance. The difference was that I didn’t plan on dragging a family down with me if I decided to marry my job.

After that, I’d steered clear of anyone who seemed interested in anything but sex. Unfortunately, there was a shortage of college men who had any sexual prowess. They either came too soon, couldn’t come with a woman because they spend too much time masturbating, or fucked like jackrabbits you thought might send your head through the bed frame before it was over. It was exhausting trying to find a guy who knew how to fuck and was just as uninterested in a relationship as I was.

A glint caught my eye as I turned my face up toward the sun. I noted a figure standing in our neighbor’s upstairs window. I squinted up toward it, trying to decide if it was a person or merely something that seemed that way. Then it moved and I saw the glint again, perhaps from a watch catching the sun coming into the window. I turned my head so that I wasn’t looking directly at it but continued to watch from the corner of my eye.

The shape moved again, but not far. It was a person, and they were watching me. Of course, I knew exactly who the person was—Dylan Hayward, my fifty something neighbor. I’d had a crush on him since I was sixteen years old. I can remember making excuses to go to his garage while he was working out in there because he was so fit. For an older guy, he was fucking cut.

Was he watching me?


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