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(FIRST PRINT) Billionaire's Favor: Friends to Lovers, Forced Proximity Contemporary Romance (Paperback)

(FIRST PRINT) Billionaire's Favor: Friends to Lovers, Forced Proximity Contemporary Romance (Paperback)

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First Print. Limited Quantities.

A business trip.
A night of drinks.
A one-night-stand with my CEO boss...

If Tess was honest with herself, the stress from life and a wonderful night of drinks and delightful conversation led her into the mess she was in. Her boss was once her best friend and now a complication in her life that added another layer of chaos to an already chaotic life.

Good-looking Devyn Meyers CEO had little luck in love. His fiancée had left him at the altar. When he reached out to his long-time friend Tessa, he didn’t realize how hard her life had become. He also didn’t expect her to ignite his male cravings for wanting what was between her thighs.

Tess was not expecting a favor from Devyn. But when he presented it, she had to make a hard decision about what she needed in her life. If she made the wrong decision, it could jeopardize everything and leave her broken.

This Friends-to-Lovers romance is a steamy, drama-filled roller coaster of twists and turns between love, hate, temptation, and passion. The Billionaire's Favor has no cliffhanger or cheating.

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Format: Paperback

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    What readers are saying:

    ★★★★★ "Fantastic read. This is a Friends to Lovers, Forced Proximity Contemporary Romance. This is Tessa and Devyn's story. This story has a roller coaster of emotions. I enjoyed this story. This is a standalone with a HEA" - RJI, Amazon Reviewer.

    "This is the first book I have read by Rachel K Stone and I love her writing style. The Billionaires Favor is a book I could read again. There was a lot going on in the story, but Rachel masterfully brought everything together with her pacing. Devyn and Tessa were the perfect couple who had me cheering for for their happily ever after. I appreciate when I am so connected with the characters of a story that I experience the emotions with them. Rachel brought out sadness, anger, despair, joy, fear, happiness, heartbreak, hope and love within the pages of this story. I laughed and I cried throughout the book. When an author is able to bring these emotions and feeling out of me in less than 200 pages I know they have a way with words. Rachel just got herself a new fan and I can't wait to read her next book." - Sherri L, Goodreads Reviewer.

    "Great best friends to lovers romance, I simply could not put it down. The chemistry between Devyn and Tessa made you want to keep reading till the very end." - Jodie G, Amazon Reviewer.

    "A great book! Read it from start to finish in one go! Good characters and even brought a tear to my eye. Would definitely recommend!" - Vicky N, Amazon Reviewer.

    " The Billionaires Favor by Rachel K Stone is a wonderful story of Devyn and Tessa.. A Friends to Lover's romance that you will love and enjoy reading..steamy,enjoyable with ups and down and surprises..i highly recommend it! well done!" - Charmaine, Amazon Reviewer.

    "The chemistry between the main characters was off the charts. Loved the story line! Keep me hooked from start to end." - Jackie, Amazon Reviewer.

      Enjoy a Sample from "The Billionaires Favor."

      “Devyn, I think we have a problem. Mia isn’t here.”

      Devyn felt his heart rate increase with those words. He composed himself and turned to his older sister, Laura, with a smile.

      “What do you mean, she isn’t here?”

      “She told me she wanted to grab her bouquet. I went to look for her, and I can’t find her, and no one has seen her.”

      Laura closed the door. The look on her face told him that it was time to face the truth. He was in denial. He knew the truth, but refused it. In his mind, it wasn’t possible.

      “Devyn, listen to me,” Laura said, but he looked away.

      Their family and friends were waiting outside in a field decorated with flowers. It was the wedding Mia always wanted, and Devyn had done everything to make it perfect.

      Laura pulled his arm. “Richard is missing, too. Don’t you understand what’s going on here? Who invites their ex to their wedding and disappears with said ex for over an hour?” she said in frustration.

      Those words cut deep. Devyn wasn’t a man to show his emotions openly. He gazed at Laura.

      “Look at me. Mia is missing, and Richard is most likely with her. Why on earth would you allow her to invite her ex? It doesn’t make any sense.”

      “You are overreacting. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that her ex would show up for her wedding. Plenty of people invite an ex to their wedding. Mia and Richard are still good friends. There is nothing wrong with that.”

      There was pity in her eyes. “Devyn, I need you to snap out of this. I don’t think Mia wants this marriage. You said it yourself that she refused your proposal the first time.”

      “I told you we resolved that already. She only said no because the proposal came as a shock.”

      “Fine, I’ll tell Mathias to stall the guests for a while. However you decide to handle this is ultimately your problem, but I’ll tell you one thing: lying to yourself is not going to fucking change a thing.” She gave him a hard, frustrated look.

      Mia’s words from the day he proposed floated around his head.

      I don’t think I am ready for this, Devyn.

      Had she hung him out to dry?

      He shook off the thought. That was a long time ago. It was almost three months after that first failed proposal, and they had navigated their way through it. She promised him she was ready when he proposed the second time.

      She was happy and excited. He remembered how happy she was when it was time for her dress fitting. Even in the morning over the phone, she sounded happy. It was not possible she ran away and embarrassed him like this.

      He felt the surrounding air become thick. Suddenly, his door opened. It was Ken, his best man. Beside him was Laura.

      “We found Mia,” he announced.

      Devyn heaved in relief. He got up and adjusted his suit. “Well, that’s good news. Where is she? We need to get going now; we have kept the guests long enough,” he said. Ken and Laura looked at each other.

      “What’s wrong?” Devyn asked. “Is she hurt?”

      “You should see for yourself,” Ken said. Devyn hurried out of the room past them, afraid Mia was hurt or worse. They followed behind him.

      Devyn walked downstairs to the hotel lobby to see Mia sitting there.

      “Mia, are you ok? What’s wrong?”

      “I am fine,” she whispered, pushing him away. Through all the commotion, he didn’t realize she wasn’t in her wedding dress.

      He forced a chuckle. “Mia, baby, what are you doing? Why aren’t you in your dress? The guests are waiting; we have to go now.”

      Then he saw tears streaming down her face, and his heart dropped. He swallowed hard.

      “What’s wrong?” he asked. The tears fell from her eyes. He slowly reached out to wipe them, but she stopped his hand mid-air.

      “I can’t do this, Devyn,” she said.

      He laughed anxiously. “It’s ok to get cold feet, baby. It happens. We talked about this. We will get through it together, you and me.”

      She sniffed and shook her head. “You don’t understand. I am in love with someone else.”

      “Mia, what the fuck are you talking about?” Then he saw Richard from the corner of his eye walk up and stand beside Mia.

      “Are you fuckin kidding me? I … I don’t understand. You said you were over him.” Mia shrugged her shoulders as the tears continued.

      “I lied to you. I am so sorry. We don’t belong together.”

      Devyn shook his head. “No, that’s not true. You’re just confused, and that’s fine. I’ll give you all the time you need to think. You don’t mean what you’re saying. It’s just cold feet talking.”

      Devyn searched her eyes to find his Mia. The Mia that he had fallen in love with two years ago. The Mia that loved and adored him. Mia would never dream of telling him she was in love with another man.

      “I am sorry,” she whispered. “Let’s go,” she whispered to Richard.

      Devyn grabbed Mia by the hand, and Mia pulled away from him.

      “Mia, I love you, and I know you love me. We can fix this, baby.” Devyn felt a tap from Richard on his shoulder.

      “Get the fuck off me.” Devyn turned to Richard, prepared to fight.

      “Devyn, calm down, man—respect Mia’s wishes. I don’t want to fight you. I want to get Mia out of here so everyone can calm down.” A slap landed across Richard’s face, but it wasn’t from Devyn. It was from Laura.

      Laura turned to both of them. “If you both are not out of these premises in thirty seconds, a slap will be the least of your worries.”

      Her voice showed she meant it. Richard gathered Mia in his arms and they walked off.

      “Mia, wait!” Devyn said, trying to go after them, but he felt Ken’s firm hands on his shoulders.

      “Let her go, man. She is not worth your time.” Ken wrapped an arm around Devyn’s shoulders. “It will be all right, brother. We will get through this.”

      Laura turned to him fiercely. “Where is your pride? Why would you grovel at that bitch?”

      The drama managed to draw a small crowd pretending not to watch. He could hear the whispers and the looks of pity. Inside, he felt an emptiness and humiliation. The only thing he was thankful for was no one with a camera was there to capture it.

      He walked back to his room.

      “Devyn,” he heard Laura and Ken call after him. He ignored them, walked to his room, and locked the door. He paced the room, fighting for control. Mia was gone; she was gone. The promises they made, never to let each other go, were all lies.

      He screamed into the air and punched the wall. The painting on the wall came crashing down.

      Laura screamed. “Devyn! Devyn! Stop, you’ll hurt yourself.”

      “I’ll go get Mom and Dad,” he heard Laura say. Devyn looked at his broken fingers. They hurt, but not as much as his pain and loneliness.

      He tore off his suit with his good hand and tossed it to the floor. He looked around the room frantically for anything that could give him comfort. The answer came from a bottle of whiskey sitting in the room’s liquor cabinet.

      Years Later
      “You good for nothing!” Baha shouted, flinging the files across the room. Tessa and her colleagues were lined up before him with their heads bowed, not daring to breathe.

      “I told you all that would happen if we missed another deadline. Didn’t I? I guess no one needs their job. I would be happy to give it to someone else. There are plenty of people that would kill for your job.”

      A few employees chuckled at that statement. Without warning, Baha launched his shoe into the air, hitting the wall behind them. Tessa picked up the shoe angrily and slammed it onto Baha’s desk.

      “You are lucky this didn’t hit anyone. Or you would have more than a missed deadline to deal with.”

      Baha laughed. “Aren’t you the head of the publicity department? Did I hire you to do a job or jerk off all day? All of you can rest assured that you will not be getting a bonus this year, and anyone who thinks they will get a pay raise should think twice.”

      “I am going to HR after this,” someone whispered into Tessa’s ear. There was silence in the room before Baha laughed and pounded his fist on his desk. The loud bang made everyone cringe.

      “Who said that?” Baha looked around the room. “You think I am afraid of human resources? I run this company. Without me, there is no company. I am going to repeat it. Who said that?”

      “I did,” came a voice. It was Cassandra, an intern.

      Baha walked up to her and smiled. I guess you’ve got a lot to say, don’t you? Ok, then speak, and you better make it good. You got the floor. Enlighten us.”

      “Who expects a single department to do the work of an entire production team? We wrote copy with limited time, had it edited, proofread, and sent them out for beta testing to the Facebook page. Somehow, you expected us to have the cover designs and publicity in parallel? It’s impossible to expect that from us. It isn’t a sweatshop, sir. There are state laws that protect employees, and I think you have violated quite a few today.”

      Baha laughed. “Violated laws?” He looked around the room. “Who else thinks like little Cassandra over here? Who else thinks I am such a terrible, crazy, and unfair boss who has violated your rights?”

      No one in the room moved or spoke.

      Baha turned to Tessa. “Do you think I am unfair?”

      Tessa felt a wave of anxiety hit her. “Mr. Baha, look, I need my job. So whatever I need to do to keep it, I’ll do it. I just want to get back to work.”

      “That wasn’t my question, Theresa. I asked if you thought that I was unfair,” he said.

      Tessa looked at Cassandra and looked away.

      “As I said, I want to return to work.”

      Baha laughed. “It’s settled then.” He turned to Cassandra. “Have your desk cleared out. You don’t work here anymore.”

      “Everyone back to work!”

      Tessa watched as Cassandra packed up her things into a box.

      She shouldn’t have spoken. That was so careless.

      Tessa turned to her team. “Come on, everyone, back to work. We still have a lot of work to complete. Everyone returned to their cubicles and resumed what they were doing before the Baha episode.”

      She walked up to Cassandra. “Do you need help?” Tessa asked. Cassandra ignored her.

      “You can meet Mr. Baha when he is in a better mood. He might change his mind,” Tessa added. Cassandra sealed the box and finally looked up at her.

      “He is an asshole,” Cassandra said, “and like every other asshole, he surrounds himself with weak people. It’s obvious that I don’t belong here.” Her voice was loud enough for everyone to hear.

      Tessa swallowed. “I know I didn’t stand up to him and protect you, but some of us can’t afford to lose our jobs.”

      “Tessa, I get why you stay and the others. But at some point, Baha will find a reason to get rid of you. A person like that is never content with anyone.

      “Yes, I know. Baha will never be fired. He has had a lot of human resource complaints. He even had a lawsuit against him from a past employee. No matter what, he always comes out on top. It’s turned him into a dictator.”

      Tessa fiddled with her fingers. “I wish you well, Cassandra. No hard feelings?”

      “None at all, Tess. Thanks for everything.”


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