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(FIRST PRINT) The Tyrant's Island Compound: Grumpy Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Romance (Secrets Series, Book 3 - Paperback)

(FIRST PRINT) The Tyrant's Island Compound: Grumpy Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Romance (Secrets Series, Book 3 - Paperback)

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The job description never mentioned “skills in managing a grump”...

Tori Caldwell is laser-focused on her marine research, choosing to otherwise keep to herself. When she takes a side job ferrying supplies to a grumpy island billionaire, she can’t help noticing his mature, attractive features and chiseled muscles. But all billionaires are definitely arrogant and annoying...right? When her new boss goes from billionaire beast to unforgettable one-night stand, Tori finds herself caught between temptation and her career.

Billionaire Christian Ames has had his heart ripped out. When he found his fiancee embezzling funds from his company, he moved to a secluded island to protect himself from being hurt by a woman ever again. But when Tori, with her ample breasts and red hair shows up with his supplies, the bulge in Christian’s pants reminds him he still has needs. Before he can stop it, his mind goes from protection mode to fantasizing about the delicious playground between Tori’s young thighs.

Christian catches Tori in a lie, and it breaks his trust. But Christian can’t just walk away from the relationship...because ending it will end him.

Book 3 in the Secrets Series
Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance

Opposites attract in this steamy, grumpy billionaire romance that will have you craving your own island billionaire. No cliffhangers, just one very satisfying ending.

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Books in the Series:

  • Book 1 The Tyrant's Secret Safe House
  • Book 2 The Tyrant's Secret Cabin
  • Book 3 The Tyrant's Island Compound
  • Book 4 The Ruthless Billionaire Boss
  • Book 5 Adrian
  • Book 6 Secret Dark Desires

Format: Paperback, Authographed

    What readers are saying:

    ★★★★★ "Once again, Rachel Stone has created fascinating characters who make interesting choices. Proving once again that money can't buy you happiness, but love with the right person can. Don't miss this delightful escapade of a story!"- Kathy B

    ★★★★★ "Watching this couple grow was fun. There are steamy scenes. Lots of them. Another winner from Rachel! Can't wait to read the next book!." - Brier

    ★★★★★ "I absolutely could not stop reading this book until the very last page because I wanted to know what was going to happen to Tori." - B. Weintz

    ★★★★★ "A great story, easy to read and just the right length to have enough depth without becoming overwhelming. The characters are very strong and strong-willed, their passions for work and each other are evident, and it is a fascinating insight into what may go on out there in the Atlantic!" - Alibrarian

    ★★★★★ "I really enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read more from this author. Will definitely recommend this book." - R. Morris

      Enjoy a Sample from "The Tyrant's Island Compound."

      She was a breath of fresh air. The way she moved. The way she smelled. It awakened something inside Christian that had been dead for a long time.

      It started as a thought, then developed into something more profound.

      Tori would arrive with his supplies as she always did. Christian would watch her climb off the tender. She would bend over to tie off the lines and unload the boxes.

      She had an amazing tight ass. He closed his eyes momentarily and pictured her ass without her shorts on, pressed against him.

      His fantasies continued as he imagined what her moist folds would feel like sliding over him as he entered her. Would they grip him with a yearning for him to remain deep inside?

      His mind wandered. What tasty treasures were between those beautiful thighs?

      He had closed his life off to people and especially to women. So why did he want her so badly?

      What could just a little taste of her sweet nectar hurt?

      She was everything he wanted, but also everything he didn’t need.

      Just a little taste couldn’t hurt? Could it?


      Natalie Cohen would not have recognized her old friend if she’d passed him on the street. The only reason she knew the man sitting in front of her was Christian Ames was the fact that the host of the restaurant had brought her to this table when she mentioned his name.

      She knew they were both getting older. After all, she was nearly fifty, and Christian was trailing behind her.

      But she’d never seen him like this. He’d been a military guy, trimmed and clipped. Short hair, clean face. Now his hair flowed past his ears in black curls, and his chin and cheeks were covered in a layer of dark stubble.

      “Natalie Cohen,” Christian announced to himself. “Look at you.”

      The man stood and embraced Natalie, kissing her on the cheek. She accepted the embrace tenderly. “Christian, I barely recognized you.”

      He drew away and cocked an eyebrow. “Oh?”

      “You’ve... lost weight, haven’t you?” she said in an effort to cover up.

      Now, Christian had known Natalie for many years. A titan of finance not to be fucked with. And also, a terrible liar. “You don’t have to do that, Natalie,” he said, rubbing his hand against the hair on his cheek. “I know I look different since you last saw me.”

      Natalie flushed. “Of course you do. It’s been years, hasn’t it?”

      Much to Christian’s chagrin, it had been years. The last time he saw Natalie was at her daughter’s third birthday party. The whole thing was an ordeal, and he and his fiancée felt entirely out of place, being one of the few couples without a baby.

      Well, ex-fiancée.

      Lots had changed since then.

      “The rugged thing suits you, don’t get me wrong,” Natalie said. “But I can’t help but think this is in response to—”

      “Natalie, we haven’t even had a drink yet. Would you mind if we started with that before you start psychoanalyzing me?” Christian asked sarcastically. He gestured toward a member of the server staff; she hurried over quickly with a bottle of champagne, which she poured for both of them. “Thank you.”

      Natalie eyed the glass, then Christian. “One drink. And then I’m going to start psychoanalyzing.”

      He sighed. “I’d expect nothing less.”

      Sadly for Christian, Natalie could down a glass of champagne in five seconds flat.


      She grinned. “I have a lot of questions and...” she glanced at the Montblanc on her wrist, “Only an hour and a half before the kids are home from school. So, spill.”

      Christian looked down into his lap, triangulating his hands nervously. “There’s not much to tell.”

      “You’re kidding, right? You and Helena have been plastered over the society pages. There’s been an article featured in the Wall Street Journal every day since—”

      “Natalie,” Christian said gruffly. “Don’t.”

      The blonde woman pursed her lips, effectively silencing herself.

      “If you’ve read so much about it, then what is left to ask?”

      Natalie smiled solemnly and reached out one hand across the table. Christian indulged her, placing his hand on hers. “Well, it is not every day an engagement is called off in such a spectacular way.”

      Christian wanted to shrink down into oblivion. He would not have described his engagement ending as “spectacular” in any way. Normally, engagements end because people grow apart or someone is unfaithful.

      Never in a million years would Christian have thought he would end his engagement because of embezzlement.

      Helena Thiebaud, his now ex, was a member of the famous (or infamous) Thiebaud family dynasty. Generational wealth based on years and years of being in the manufacturing business. When they met three years ago, Christian had just finished his tenure as a Navy SEAL. It was time to return to civilian life and to his family’s thriving real estate business.

      Not a week later, they introduced him to Helena. It was the modern equivalent of an arranged marriage. Two wealthy families looking to intertwine for long-term gain.

      Christian fell for Helena hard and fast. Her long raven hair and hungry hazel eyes were exactly what a soldier needed after returning from the service. And though they took things slow, an engagement, eventual marriage, and family were all implicit.

      Until everything fell apart.

      “You’re my friend, Chris. I want to hear your side of it.”

      He shook his head, unable to look into her eyes. “I feel like such a fool.”

      “You shouldn’t.”

      “She fucking snowed me. “

      “You couldn’t have anticipated they’d be broke, Christian,” Natalie said, patting his hand.

      Christian squinched his eyes together, sighing heavily. Unbeknownst to the Ames family, the Thiebaud’s were floundering and had been for quite some time. Christian had fallen for Helena and wouldn’t have cared about being the main provider for her and their family.

      But that’s not how things work in business. Generationally wealthy families were prideful. Christian knew that from having grown up in one.

      It only made sense that Helena was prideful, too.

      That’s why she started embezzling money from Christian’s new green-living venture. “I don’t know how I missed it,” Christian sighed.

      Natalie smiled sympathetically. “You were in love. You weren’t looking for it.”

      “I just didn’t know she was capable of something like that,” Christian swallowed. The moment he realized Helena was stealing from him, she changed in his eyes, almost like the picture of Dorian Gray. She turned from the beautiful object of his affection into a monster. “She wasn’t even sorry, you know.”

      Natalie sighed. “Of course she wasn’t.”

      When Christian confronted her, she was unapologetic for her actions. He realized she never wanted to be with him for who he was. It had everything to do with his money.

      That was the cross he’d have to bear the rest of his life.

      “You know what I think?”

      Christian eyed Natalie. This doesn’t sound promising. “What?”

      “I think you just need to get back out there and have some fun.”

      He groaned, “I’m too old.”

      “No, you’re not. You’ve got that older man thing going on. Girls love that. All you need is a reminder that you’re still hot shit, and I promise, all that heartbreak will—”

      “Natalie, I can’t,” he said firmly, jaw tensing.

      Natalie softened her expression, her bawdiness melting away.

      “You know how much it took for me just to make it here today? I almost canceled on you because I couldn’t stand the idea of being around other people.” Christian glanced around the restaurant. “No matter where I go, it feels claustrophobic.”

      “Don’t let her get under your skin like this, Christian.”

      Christian huffed. “I’m not. I’m tired of all the posturing and putting on a good face. I’m tired of business meetings and dinners and having to smile when I don’t want to fucking smile. I don’t feel like smiling ever again.”

      Natalie chuckled lightly. “You don’t mean that.”

      He considered his old friend, her blunt bob freshly cut and styled. Despite having two young children and a high-powered corporate job, she always looked put together. Christian never felt like he could keep up with that. Work was never a problem for him—especially since it was something that Christian loved. Since leaving the military, he had worked on non-cost-prohibitive sustainable living solutions. It mattered to him.

      But the pretension of being a member of the billionaire class... he hated it.

      “I mean it. If I could, I’d like to get far away from all this... mess.”

      Natalie poured herself another glass of champagne and sipped it in silence. The cogs were turning in her brain. He could see it behind those fiery brown eyes. “We’ve known each other a long time, Christian.”

      Christian couldn’t help but laugh. Long, long time. Natalie and Christian ran in the same circles when they were younger, along with her now husband, Matthew. More than that, they’d conducted business on and off for years. Before he left for his second stint as a SEAL, he’d helped Cohen Savings and Loan reach the mainstream beyond California.

      “Mattie and I could never have achieved what we have without you, Christian.”

      “Oh please, you’re being hyperbolic.”

      Natalie shook her head. “No, I’m not, and you know it. Don’t be modest.”

      Christian had to admit: with the Ames family name, a few words were worth their weight in gold. “Well, I’m happy to do it. You’re good people.”

      “Not like the Thiebauds...” Natalie said with a wry smile.

      Christian was unamused.

      “Okay, too soon. I get it. Well, listen–” Natalie quickly moved on and folded her hands on the table in front of her. Christian could see she had shifted into business mode. “I can’t stand to see you upset like this. And I know you’re stubborn as a fucking mule, so if you want to be left alone, I think I might have an idea.”

      Christian carefully took his glass of champagne and swilled it around the glass. “I’m listening.”

      Natalie smiled devilishly. “You’ve got your ‘let’s make a deal’ face on.”

      “So do you.”

      She laughed loudly and then returned to the task at hand with the utmost seriousness. “Now, I have a big client. I can’t disclose names here. You understand, right? People with private island property in the South Pacific are mainly those who like to keep a low profile. They’ve been sitting on it for years but haven’t known what to do with it. It’s really out of the way, far from American Samoa, and would require a lot of work. And I mean a lot of work.” Natalie whipped out her phone from her purse. “But it’s fucking beautiful.”

      She turned the phone toward Christian. His eyes went wide at the sight of the lush, tropical vegetation, the sprawling ocean, and the white sands. Already he could see the possibilities. “Wow.”

      “Yeah. Wow.” Natalie set the phone down to let Christian be hypnotized for a little longer. “But they’re not creative enough to do anything with it. They just don’t have the time or the energy.”

      Spending a few months to a year in the South Pacific, away from all his troubles, developing a property sounded like heaven. “I could do a lot with that. If you want to put me in contact with them, I have some ideas that would—” Christian began babbling a mile a minute.

      Natalie quickly cut him off. “No, Christian. They’re selling.”

      Christian blinked.

      “It’s not officially on the market yet, but... If they had an interested buyer who could make a cash offer, I think they’d be willing to sell cheap.”

      Christian smiled. “Are you saying you’d put in a good word for me?”

      “Yeah. I mean, if you want it.”

      For the first time in the weeks since his engagement’s end, Christian felt light. He’d been walking around, weighed down by a monkey of shame on his back. Now, looking at that island paradise, he felt a little bit of hope.

      This would be good for him.

      “Yeah. I do.”

      “Then it’s settled. I’ll text them now.” Natalie took the phone back and began typing.

      “Wow, Natalie, thank you. Thank you, that’s–”

      “Don’t thank me for enabling your self-isolating ass,” she said with a smirk.

      Christian watched her type with fierce quickness and then drop her phone back into her purse.

      “Now, where were we?” she asked.

      Christian picked up his glass of champagne. “How am I going to thank you?”

      “No need to thank me. That’s what friends are for.”

      They clinked their glasses together and drank.

      “This island will be for both of us,” Christian said with determination. “You and your family will be welcome any time.”

      She smiled. “That’s sweet, Christian.”

      “I mean it. You’ll have a whole wing.”

      Natalie sighed. “Between all of our schedules, I don’t know when we’d possibly be able to manage a vacation to the South Pacific.”

      “Hey,” Christian said, locking eyes with her. “In this insane world, we all need a place to escape, don’t we? One day, you might need to get the fuck out of this place. And it would be my privilege to provide that respite to you.”

      The blonde woman grinned, her face flushing. “Well, how could I say no to that?”



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