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Forbidden Temptations Box Set (1 - 3) Romance Collection (eBook)

Forbidden Temptations Box Set (1 - 3) Romance Collection (eBook)

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I never knew how delicious life could be until I allowed myself to experience the forbidden temptations that consumed my desires.

Immerse yourself into a book series filled with delicious and sensual pleasures, detailed steamy scenes, thrills, and suspense. 
Each book is a standalone story with no cliffhanger or cheating.


  1. Book 1 Forbidden Love
  2. Book 2 It was Never Meant to Be
  3. Book 3 Forbidden Lust in Paris

Triggers: voyeurism

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Format: eBook, Kindle, ePub 

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What readers say:

★★★★★ "I laughed, cried, and was angry reading this book. In the end, it was a breathtaking tale full of passion and love." ~ Peech

★★★★★ "If I could give this book one word for its writing, suspense on what will happen next, and the romance, it would be OUTSTANDING. This book has a great storyline, and the characters are really good. You're going to need to see who her heart chose." ~ B Weintz    

★★★★★ "A beautiful ending to this story as everything comes together in unexpected ways." ~ Gramorgrl810

★★★★★ "Rachel Has Done it Again!", ~S Byrne

★★★★★ What a fantastic book forbidden love is. The twist in the book with abductions was wow. I’m looking forward to the second book in the series ~ Maria L, Booksprout Reader.

★★★★★ Forbidden Love was a great read. I loved the age gap . The story was great and felt real. Great steamy read ~ LestWITCH, Booksprout Reader.

★★★★★ This was definitely a page turner and definitely got me all hot and bothered. I loved how she acted all innocent in her backyard but than a she devil in his backyard ~ Jinx, Booksprout Reader.

★★★★★ The next door neighbor is twice her age and stalks her while she sunbathes in her back yard. This is Misti and Dylan’s story and continues at breakneck speed after a summer of love and sex. They shouldn’t be together but turn out to be just what each needs to survive and flourish in their lives. I can’t wait for the next adventure and romantic novel from Rachel Stone ~ D. Pike

★★★★★ WOW this book will make your panties wet, and your heart pound while reading this totally AWESOME and HOT suspenseful romance book. I absolutely enjoyed every last word of this book about Misti and Dylan. I am not going to give anything away with this book except that Rachel really did a fantastic job writing this book. I am excited to see what her next masterpiece is going to be. :) ~ Barbara W, Booksprout Reader.

★★★★★★ The story of Dylan and Misti was so good and hot! The relationship that they shared was spicy and every girls dream. And the twists that this takes were so far out of what I thought possible! Definitely recommend! ~ Brier, Booksprout Reader.

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