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(FIRST PRINT) A Seal's Journey (Steamy Night's Series, Print Paperback Book 2)

(FIRST PRINT) A Seal's Journey (Steamy Night's Series, Print Paperback Book 2)

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If only I could go back and change time, I would have avoided losing everything I loved…


I need a break in life. I need rest and a chance to focus on Selena and the family. Everything is good between us. But like any long-term relationship, they could be better. This trip will help us start over and reconnect.

Selena was always that sex pot kind of gal that got my heart racing. I have to pinch myself when I look at her curves, mouth-watering cleavage, and rear end that gets me standing at attention every single time.

But that was then, and this is now. A battle-hardened Navy Seal should always see it coming. I should have avoided the threat, but I was unplugged. I was too relaxed. That was until I had a bag over my head in a van, heading to God knows where.

I went numb, hearing Selena scream in pain again and again. With a gun to my head, death would be next.

“A Seal’s Journey” is book two in the Steamy Nights Series.

This book is a steamy, action-packed romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you question everything you believe about the power of love. Steamy, wet, and a page-turner with no cheating, no cliffhanger.


Books in the Steamy Nights Romance Series

  • ·       Book 1 Unbroken Seal
  • ·       Book 2 A Seal’s Journey
  • ·       Book 3 Seal - The Path Less Traveled

      Format: Paperback

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          What readers are saying:

          ★★★★★ OMG! After reading book 1, I am totally Gobsmacked by this 2nd book! What happens when they get caught up in one of Michael's ops from almost 30 years ago will have you unable to put the book down. It will leave you with your heart in your mouth. It will leave you in a state of unbelief. It will leave you shattered. It will leave you thinking about this book long after you have finished. The anticipation for the next book will have you searching for it. I finished it last night and it has not left my mind. I am still gobsmacked! Rachel K. Stone has gone above and beyond my expectations ~ S Byrne

          ★★★★★  An Amazing Story
          This book was such an AMAZING read that I pulled an almost all nighter to finish it up. Rachel ALWAYS writes such wonderful stories that you honestly can’t stop reading even if you tried. Plus it never fails because Rachel knows just the right way to bring the characters to life ~ Barbara Weintz

          ★★★★★ This Book Stole My Heart and Left Me Wanting More! Wow, what a book. Rachel is definitely not your everyday Romance Author, she is so much more. You can truly feel the pain and suspense in this book. I am looking forward to the conclusion. This series is so far one of her best! Thank you! ~ S Grundy

          ★★★★★ Hard read…heartbreaking What This book is full of suspense and pain…my heart was broken and shattered reading this book. The writing is well done ~ ReggRady


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